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Kippenberg Creek Kids was formed in memory of Lucas Boquist, who passed away due to complications of leukemia. Lucas always dreamt of shooting a whitetail buck, unfortunately he never lived that dream. Kippenberg Creek Kids is devoted to helping every child they can to live their dream in the outdoors. Kippenberg Creek Kids is a non-profit organization that provides hunting trips, fishing trips, snowmobile outings, and other outdoor adventures for children with life-threatening illnesses. These adventures are provided with food and lodging all at no cost to the children or their families.

March 9, 1996, Larry Beyer spent a day in the Marshfield Hospital while a 15 year old boy passed away from complication of Leukemia. Lucas was a like a lot of other teenage children in northern Wisconsin that had been born to a family that enjoyed the outdoors. The days and weeks leading up to the Wisconsin gun deer season were filled with hopes and dreams of harvesting a whitetail buck. Unfortunately Lucas never lived that dream. In the days following Lucas’s funeral, Pat Beyer, (Lucas’s brother-in-law), said with tears in his eyes, “All Lucas ever wanted to do was shot a buck. Why didn’t we help him?” At that point an idea was born.

In the summer of 2002, Larry along with the help of many others, such as Musson Bros., Mass Builders, Wausau Homes, Wendorf Const., Mark Tausher and many other local contractors, built a 32’ by 40’, 4 bedroom 2 bathroom lodge for the purpose of hosting children with life-threatening illnesses and disabilities for outdoor adventures at no cost to them or their families.

As the lodge was being built the question was asked, “What will this organization be called?” After some consideration Larry decided on Kippenberg Creek Kids for a number of reasons. There really is a creek that is named Kippenberg which is name after Lorri’s (Larry’s wife) great-grandfather, William Kippenberg. When he logged in the winter time he and his horses would use the creek to skid the trees out of the woods. William’s daughter, Frieda, Lorri’s dear grandmother, loved children. When Larry was young she taught him in Sunday school and he has very fond memories of her and her love for children. Lastly, the creek runs through some land that Larry and Lorri own, it is one of Larry’s favorite places to hunt.

We believe in giving the child a quality adventure whether it is hunting, fishing, ATV rides, snowmobiling or just a weekend in the Wisconsin north woods. This is reflected in the testimonial letters we receive from the children and their parents.

All of Kippenberg Creek Kids hunts are 100% in the wild fair chase hunts and are for the child only. Their family members are invited to come along and enjoy the experience. Our long term goals are to have more lodges in Wisconsin and throughout the United States so we can provide children with these adventures.

Contact us if you have a child that would like to participate             715-873-4523      

Kippenberg Creek Kids would like to Thank Whitetails Unlimited for use of their image above.  Make-a-wish does not give hunting and fishing trips to children nor will they send us a child that asked for these things.